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It’s not looking good at the box office this weekend. The two new releases, “San Andreas” and “Aloha,” are busts with critics.

Cameron Crowe’s “Aloha” registered an average 10% among all critics. And that was during a good hour. Already castigated in emails at its own studio, Sony, “Aloha” is going to post an alarming low number tomorrow morning for its opening night. Apparently it’s incomprehensible. The whole thing will be a huge write down for Sony, but they expected that. Former studio chief Amy Pascal lost her job over it.

Then there’s “San Andreas,” a disaster movie that’s said to be incredibly dull. The critics rating is 50%, but at times “San Andreas” was down around 37%. The odds are it will open at number 1 this weekend because there’s nothing else, and then be gone by mid week.

One big problem is that last weekend’s new release, “Tomorrowland,” has already done just that. On Wednesday “Tomorrowland” finished third behind hold overs “Mad Max” and “Pitch Perfect 2.” This has been a sorry time in Hollywood as 7 out of the top 10 movies are remakes, sequels, or reboots of old material. The big hope right now is on June 12th, for the fourth “Jurassic Park” in 22 years.

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