Home Music Update: Joni Mitchell Moved to Rehab, “Improving” After Brain Aneurysm

Joni Mitchell, revered and beloved, is improving my sources say, after a brain aneurysm felled her on March 31st. I am told definitively that she didn’t have a stroke, and that’s a relief. Recently Joni was moved to a rehab facility. The word among her friends is that her pal, Leslie Morris, who stepped in to take care of her, is trying to arrange a way Joni can continue her rehab at home.

“It’s a long way to go, but she can do it,” a friend tells me.

Morris, who is said to be an excellent choice for all this, has not returned emails I’ve sent her. But the news is encouraging for Mitchell, who will be 72 this November. She is not unresponsive, as other outlets have suggested. Speech is difficult but she’s communicating. Knowing Joni, she’s getting her ideas across without fail.

Sending prayers and good thoughts for a speedy recovery to Joni, a true artist and a huge influence on all music.

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  1. Right…it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with her 2-pack-a-day smoking habit for the last 50 years? I love Joni too but get real. She loves her cigarettes.

  2. Confusing because isn’t “stroke” an older, more common term for CVA (cerebral vascular accident). I’m sure her doctors won’t even acknowledge that she has Morgellons which is closely associated with Lyme disease. Lyme is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a pathogen which affects the central nervous system and causes vasculitis. Cutaneous Borreliosis is what Morgellons is.
    Why don’t Joni’s friends reach out to those who research and treat this condition? That’s my question. Probably because the doctors who are treating her, like most of the medical mainstream believe that Chronic Lyme Disease and Morgellons do not exist.

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