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“San Andreas” is heading for something but I’m not sure it’s “blockbuster.” The disaster film is holding at 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the major reviewers have all pointed thumbs down. Dribs and drabs of bloggers who are happy just to be guests of the studio (in this case Warner Bros.) have posted on the positive side.

My favorite among the “splats” called the move a “bake and quake.” I have a perverse interest in seeing “San Andreas,” although I probably won’t. One review said it was “feel good” disaster movie, meaning none of the main cast dies, there’s a happy ending after the devastation of the west coast. The fault is not with the stars of the movie, but the people who made it.

“Aloha,” also opening this weekend, has no reviews so far. There was one big press screening last night before Friday showings. I will see it, because it’s by Cameron Crowe. But the Rotten Tomatoes score willbe very low.

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