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Henry Bushkin had a good day in Los Angeles court today. He prevailed in a lawsuit brought by his pal Bruce Singer, brother in law of Sharon Stone. Singer said he thought he was owed money from the sale of Bushkin’s book about Johnny Carson. Bushkin famously had been Carson’s lawyer in his early days, and was repeatedly a butt of his jokes on TV.

But Bushkin had the last laugh. The book called “Johnny Carson,” was a hit. It was filled with great stories about Johnny’s wives, lives, Joan Rivers, etc.

Singer claimed in court that he and Bushkin were partners. But today a judge ruled they were not. Singer is out of luck. Bushkin told me he’s sorry about the whole thing. “Bruce and I were great friends,” he said.

Now Bushkin returns to New York , where he will launch a workshop of the musical “Carson” based on his book, in September. Casting should begin shortly.

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