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Mary Elizabeth and Ashley Olsen will not be playing Michelle Tanner on “Fuller House,” the “Full House” reboot on Netflix. Apparently they were too scary for Netflix, no one would be able to explain their whole gestalt. When they were children they alternated playing one little girl who looked like a pencil troll. But now that they’re fashionistas, the girls don’t have time to trade double entendres with Bob Saget. Also one of them dates Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s brother — or someone who speaks French– and the whole thing didn’t translate.

I thought it would have been funny if the new show revealed there had been twins, we only saw them one at a time when they were children, and Saget’s character had pulled a fast one on Lori Loughlin. But cynicism is not part of Candace Cameron’s strong suit. Maybe they’ll just say Michelle is in New York designing childrens’ wear.

Meantime, no surprise, Matthew Goode is not on “The Good Wife” this fall. How could he be? He’s been filming the final season of “Downton Abbey,” in which he marries Mary Crawley, becomes the Earl of Grantham, and has tea with Maggie Smith. Maybe he could return to “The Good Wife” when “Downton” is over, to marry Alicia at the end of that series. Goode deserves a movie career, really, so let’s hope that’s where things go after the Crawleys discover dry cleaning, air conditioning, and that you make a sandwich for yourself.

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