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Sunday night: Two reruns of “I Love Lucy” from the 1950s, colorized (objectionable, but ok whatever) scored the highest total viewers of all scripted shows that night.

“Lucy” had 6.4 million total viewers. That’s almost twice the very high “Mad Men” score of 3.3 million viewers on Sunday. That’s shows with scripts. The Billboard Music Awards had 11 million, and “60 Minutes” had 9 million.

But of all the other shows on TV Sunday night– Dateline, The Simpsons, Battle Creek– Lucy prevailed.

“Lucy” scored twice as many total viewers as Andy Samberg in “Brooklyn Nine Nine.”

The two episodes of “Lucy” looked terrible, I thought. The beautiful original black and white looked garish and Crayola like. But “Lucy” is the Shakespeare of television comedy. A few others come close, but Lucy, Desi, Vivian Vance and William Frawley were in a league of their own. All their writers and directors were, too.

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