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I will try to write around actual spoilers. “Mad Men” has ended. Fans will complain, but there will be no scuffle as there was with “The Sopranos.” It’s hard to get around Twitter. But basically, the final song is actually the perfect grace note to the show as a hole. If you’re Matthew Weiner, you can’t win.

Don happy, Don dead, Don what? Of all the characters his is the hardest to wrap up. Everyone else gets satisfying endings, although Betty’s final scene is so chilling I don’t know what people are going to say.

Stand out moments are “Person to Person” calls Don has with Sally and with Peggy. Kiernan Shipka should get an Emmy for this and last episode. Utterly amazing. She has quite a future. Don and Peggy also have an amazing moment.

Would I have chosen this ending for Don? No. But I accept it. Did I think time was wasted? Yes. But it’s the writer’s choice. He created the show.

Special guest star: Helen Slater, once known as Supergirl.

Not in the show: Henry Francis, Ted Chaough, Megan.

More later…

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