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Critics loved “Max Max: Fury Road.” It has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. Warner Bros. did a great marketing job with it. But fans didn’t pour into theaters last night to see it. Even putting Charlize Theron into the starring role and pitching the new Max as a more women-friendly action movie didn’t help. Last night’s take suggests a middling $40 million plus weekend. I’m surprised. Maybe they should have had a New York premiere.

Meantime, our old pal Elizabeth Banks has directed a huge hit. “Pitch Perfect 2” will finish the weekend in the 60 millions. Wow. Huge. Banks got a lot of good notices although the movie had a 67% from critics. Universal scored big time here. Elizabeth, gorgeous and smart, gets a whole second career. Brava!

Also happy to see “I’ll See You in My Dreams” with Blythe Danner and Sam Elliot scored a 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Opened this weekend in New York and L.A., should expand to other citiies, wonderful gem of a film. See it!

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