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CBS is cancelling “CSI” after 16 seasons. There are many reports that they’ll come back with a two hour finale in the fall to wrap things up. But “CSI: Cyber,” which no one seems to like, will be back. After all, its star, Patricia Arquette, just won an Oscar. The show can be fixed. We want to see Patty Arquette on TV, no matter what.

CBS also cancelled “Battle Creek” with Josh Duhamel, which I always thought was about cereal. “The Millers” was already cancelled. “The McCarthy’s,” no one knew what that was. CBS will add shows based on the movies “Rush Hour” and “Limitless.”

CBS also has two interesting comedies: Angel from Hell with Jane Lynch, and Life in Pieces starring two time Oscar winner Dianne Wiest, the underrated ColinHanks, and England’s not yet crossed over star Rupert Graves.

On Fox, in addition to “The Mindy Project,” Kevin Bacon in “The Following” is gone. Kevin Bacon had better get back to movies. He has an Oscar in his future. Time’s a-wastin’.

And Poor Katherine Heigl. “State of Affairs” is gone. I like her a lot, and wish she’d get a decent show. She was not treated well in ShondaLand. Maybe now with the Patrick Dempsey thing happening, people will see that. NBC also chopped “About a Boy,” even though last year everyone was so excited about it.

So weird to watch all this network fussin’, when all the good shows are off-network.

Stay tuned for more…

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