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UPDATE The numbers were LOWER than previously thought– 2.1 in the demo, and 7.74 million total. In the finale next week, Meredith wakes up with pizza boxes spread all over  the bed and tells Derek, “I had a terrible dream after we ate all that pizza”– a reference to his famous Pizza Boy movie– “but you’re right here.”

EARLIER Yikes. The “Grey’s Anatomy” fans do not like the absence of Patrick Dempsey at all. Last night’s episode saw another drop in the ratings. The key demo is now 2.2, down from the previous week’s 2.5 in a big way. It was 2.8 the prior week, when Shonda Rhimes plowed an 18 wheeler into Derek Shepherd’s Porsche SUV.

Last week, the total viewers for “Greys” was 8.68 million. This week, only 7.88 million showed. Around a million “Grey’s”
fans either watched “The Big Bang Theory” season finale, which was number 1 and huge, or took a bike ride. Next week’s two hour season finale will really show what “Grey’s” can look forward to next season. The show was renewed for another season last night by ABC.

But I would guess the series finale is in the works for next year. Dempsey must be getting a kick out of this.

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  1. It was a total rip off!! McDreamy deserved more. and to have him die with the same song playing as when Denny died. Come on he deserved so much more and so do we as fans. Fans make the show rise or fall. I hope this show tanks now.

  2. I think Shonda Rhimes is a NUT JOB!, Why would you kill off Patrick Dempsey?>%#@#$^^!!!, I certainly don’t want to watch the show anymore, she gets angry with her actors and just lets them die, Sloan, George, Isiah Thomas, Izzie, Yang, really, too many good actors has left the show, she could have let him disappear for a minute but not kill him off. I am certain the ratings will end up having to remove that show off the air, I know for me I am mad as hell, he’s gone….

  3. Dont you see that killing him in a CAR crash was a personal FU at Patrick Dempsey. And it was a Porsche, come on people. Having no one else in the episode , was another way to scream that Shonda WILL have the last word. The whole brain surgeon parallel was further erasing of the character. The 5 second funeral, with no one speaking about him..Absurd.
    This was personal, and the fans should not have to be subjected to that .
    No one will get the real story, but I applaud Patrick Dempsy for his responses to it all. Dont you think it strange that NO ONE from the cast has made any direct response to this event? They probably were warned within an inch of their own contracts, and had to sign agreements to stay quiet. Even if he was misbehaving, he would have had at least ONE friend on that cast and crew that would have stood up for him.
    Yes it is a televsion show, all made up stuff,and shows thrive on fans. This show put Shonda Rhimes on the map, and it happened because of the fans, and WHO they wanted to watch.
    The biggest complaint I have, was the way in which it was done. If it was amicable, there would have been a way different ending, and they all would have been on the talk shows afterwards.
    This was THE central characer on the show, no mater what the name of the series is, he emerged as the star. The fans who supported this show were totally dismissed by Rhimes. She put her personal feelings first.
    That has not gone unnoticed.

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