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Got to be there: Michael Jackson’s son, Prince, has chosen a college. He’s decided to go to Loyola Marymount College this fall. Prince Tweeted a few days ago that he’d picked LMU over the University of Southern California.

This pretty exciting, and Michael would be beaming with pride. It sounds like Prince is committed to getting a degree, which will place him in good stead no matter what he decides to do. His sister Paris will be next. Hopefully Prince will find his own way — legal and business courses will help him deal with the myriad decisions he’ll have to make for the rest of his life as the eldest heir to Michael Jackson’s vast estate.


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  1. This is so wonderful! Whether people liked Michael Jackson or not, his parenting of them in their early years with all that he had to go through, placed a remarkable template for his children. This young man is going in the right direction. He has always had his head on straight and I am praying that Paris and Blanket follow suit! Say what you will about the age of Ms. Katherine, from the day HER CHILD MICHAEL DIED, she’s had to deal with her pain yet she has been raising his children the right way!!! Go luck to Michael Jackson’s children and Congratulation Prince!!

  2. You are right! Michael would be so proud of his son. He and Michael used to make little films together, and Michael even hired a film professor to come to their home to educate them on movie making. Even as just a little boy, Michael said that Prince would comment on films and the way they were filmed. I’m just glad he is out of that fake Hollywood scene.

  3. Michael would be super proud of Prince and taking the steps prepared for him. Prince do yourself proud these next 4 years and always remember the morals that were instilled in you from day 1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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