Home Celebrity Yes, Mariah Carey is Singing on the Billboard Awards May 17th (Spoiler)

I did post a Tweet about a week ago that Mariah Carey was going to perform on the Billboard Awards May 17th. Then all the MC fans jumped all over me that the performers had been announced– and how could Mariah do it if she were also playing Caesar’s Palace that night?

Well, Mariah’s been announced, just as I scooped. What they don’t tell you is she is probably singing her original hit “Vision of Love,” which will bleed into her latest hit, “Infinity.” It’s supposed to suggest the breadth and depth of her high charting career, 18 number 1 songs.

The performance will also plug her Caesar’s run as well as her new greatest hits album with “Infinity” on it. And then, maybe that Christmas-theme album later this year. Mariah opens tomorrow night in Vegas, and will be under a lot of scrutiny.

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