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You do wonder where all the money goes in Hollywood? Well, thanks to the Sony leaks we know a little more.

Leonardo DiCaprio with his friends and family used the private Sony jet to fly back and forth Los Angeles to New York last year as if it were a yellow taxi.

Amy Pascal approved hundreds of thousands of dollars to ferry Leo, his mother, his manager, his manager’s brother, and Leo’s posse pals in and out of New York. They left a carbon footprint the size of Godzilla’s left foot.

Leo also got the Sony jet to fly from Las Vegas to Los Angeles for $12,000. The flight lasts 1 hour. (Actually $26,000 round trip.)

The irony is that Leo does not make movies for Sony Pictures. His films have almost all been with Warner Bros., Paramount, and Miramax/Weinstein. His current film, “The Revenant,” is with Fox.

Sony wanted him to play Steve Jobs in a film that never came to be. Michael Fassbender is playing Jobs at Universal.

The other irony is that DiCaprio waxes on and on about the environment. His whole gang could have gotten on a JetBlue flight for considerably less. And they would have had TV and extra legroom.

Sony emails regarding billing approvals for different trips in amounts including $59,000; $37,206; and $63,600. The trips include catering and ground transportation.

One memo:
Provide why travel is required or why in-person meeting is necessary NY Meeting face to face

The gang was picked up at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and chauffeured into New York. This was one of many trips that included manager Rick York, his singer brother Pete Yorn, DiCaprio’s lovely mother, and other pals including model Toni Garrn and the aforementioned Haas, actor Vincent Laresca, and celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward.

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