Home Celebrity Grey’s Anatomy Loses 800K Viewers, Down 7% After Killing off Main Character

Well, I hope Shonda Rhimes and ABC are happy happy happy. Last night “Grey’s Anatomy” lost 810,000 total viewers after killing off Patrick Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd. The key demo was down 7% from 2.8 to 2.6. Fans didn’t tune in to see the ridiculous two hour special in which Meredith Grey told friends dispassionately that her husband was dead. No one really cared. And then Meredith had a baby girl and named it for her mother. Shonda Rhimes must have really hated Patrick Dempsey. But did she hate him so much that she killed her show? I think “Grey’s” is over. The viewers aren’t coming back. This was really an act of hubris on a grand scale. What more is left to say of this show? It probably should have stopped after 7 seasons. But now, enough is enough. What a shonda (in Yiddish, a “shame.”)

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