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“Homeland” is going to Berlin. That’s right. The popular Showtime series starring Clare Danes and Mandy Patinkin is leaving the mid East for Germany. I do mean the location since “Homeland” used South Africa to appear as Afghanistan in season 4.

The big news I can tell is that Carrie Mathison is getting a hot new German-Jewish boyfriend named Jonas, according to sources. Jonas hasn’t been cast yet, but I’m told the new actor must be comfortable with nudity and sexuality on screen. I guess that means the mourning for Brody (Damian Lewis) is officially over.

Carrie’s daughter Franny, with Brody, will also be appearing on the show. She’s three or four years old and can speak. She will obviously have a lot to say if they tell her what’s been going on since the show began!

Carrie and Saul (Patinkin) will also get a new antagonist called Otto, described as a descendant of a Nazi family who’s trying to do right by the world. From what I’m told, “Homeland” Berlin will have storylines featuring former Nazi activities and maybe some Russian spies. I don’t blame the producers for wanting to cool it with the mid East.

“Homeland” post-Brody has turned into an excellent show. They’ve managed to reinvent themselves each season with new compelling stories. They could easily go 7 seasons at this point.

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