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May 17th: the final episode of my beloved “Mad Men” is titled “Person to Person.” The two episodes between now and then are called “Lost Horizon” and “The Milk and Honey Route.” (Maybe Don is opening an office in Israel.) Last night’s pivotal ep was called “Time and Life,” which referred to SCP leaving the Time Life building after all these years, and changes in the company’s– and personnel’s — time and life.

SPOILERS Bigger even than SCP being absorbed into McCann Erickson was Peggy’s admission to Stan that she had a baby and gave it up for adoption. Peggy and Pete also had a rare moment of connection. Will this be all we hear about that baby, who is now about 10 years old? Or will Matt Weiner do something else? Remember, in 1970, finding a baby or a biological parent was nearly impossible. So this may be the last word.

The five partners of SCP are going to McCann as top execs, but they’re not happy about it. This is the defeat of Sterling Cooper, as Pete says, “the only place I’ve ever worked.” Joan knows as a woman she will never be taken seriously by the chauvinistic executives who run the company. Lucky for her, wealthy Bruce Greenwood is coming to town. That marriage seems inevitable.

Roger worries that with the end of SCP the Sterling name will disappear. He reminds Don he only has a daughter, Margaret. What about his illegit son with Joan, little Kevin? Hmmmm…

Ken Cosgrove gets his revenge against Roger, refusing to bring Dow Chemical to an SCP West. This may have been his eye patch exit.

Ted is in love with an old girlfriend. He doesn’t say her name. Maybe it’s someone we know already. (Could be.) He ran into her on Third Avenue. Could it be Diana, the woman Don is searching for? Yes, Don is searching for “Di.” Could be short for death, or with Matt Weiner, “dayenu.”

And what of Don? His secretary reminds him that in two weeks he’ll have nowhere to live and no office. We know he has zero interest in going to McCann Erickson. Isn’t there a loop hole? Won’t he walk out of there with a bang? Stay tuned…


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