Home Music U2 Video “Song for Someone” Will Be Mini-Film Starring Woody Harrelson

EXCLUSIVE Woody Harrelson will star in a mini movie video U2 is making as they gear up for their big world tour. The group has chosen “Song for Someone” from their iTunes album “Songs of Innocence” which caused such a stir last year. Vincent Haycock will direct Woody as a character named Aaron Brown, presumably not the former CNN anchor. Aaron is being sent to prison in the video. There’s also an 18 year old going to jail named Jonathan. We will also see Aaron’s dad, described as a “shell of a man.” There will also be prison guards, and other prisoners. It’s sort of “Shawshank Redemption” with music! I don’t get it. I thought “Sleep Like a Baby Tonight” was the great song from that album. But hey, no one asked me. PS I hope they don’t keep using that artwork they used for the physical album. Please.

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