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Wanna see the internet blow up? Shonda Rhimes has killed Derek Shepherd off of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Patrick Dempsey has left the show after 10 years. Boom! Do not cross Shonda. She’s killed before and she’ll kill again if you cross her.

Dempsey was an original character on the show, nicknamed McDreamy. Before “Grey’s” he was kind of nowhere career wise, except for a very good performance as young JFK in a TV movie. Otherwise, his run as a teen actor was over. “Grey’s” rescued him.

But like a lot of actors who make a ton of money on a series, he wasn’t happy. He told people– the press, and the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes. Last fall, Rhimes warned that we wouldn’t be seeing Derek much this season.  And now, like many who came before him on the show, he is history.

“Greys” fans are already howling on Twitter. Keep refreshing as the news hits…

PS I hope Patrick Dempsey knows what he’s doing. On the imdb he’s listed for a D-looking movie coming out next winter with Dennis Rodman. Not exactly Eddie Redmayne. Everyone from Victoria Principal to Pamela Sue Martin to Dan Stevens and Jessica Brown Findlay from “Downton Abbey” can tell him, it’s cold out there when you leave a series. I guess Dempsey is well invested. God bless.

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