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Global Citizen? That’s the group– really a one man show– that stages those concerts the last couple of years in Central Park with big rock stars. They do it under the title Global Poverty. Everyone from Neil Young to Stevie Wonder, No Doubt, Jay Z and so on has been on the bills.

Next month, they’re planning a show in Washington DC on the Mall for Earth Day with No Doubt and more all -star acts.

But what’s this all about? In their latest tax filing, which I’ve obtained, Global Citizen, run by Hugh Evans, shows a little bit of their finances. (They are always behind a year, so this is for 2013, and the concert in the Park headlined by Alicia Keys, Kings of Leon, John Mayer and Stevie Wonder.)

According to this filing, Global Poverty spent a whopping $7 million to put on that show. They also paid $2 million to outside consultants to stage the show including almost $900,000 for rigging.

Another $100,000 was divided among three fund raising consultants. They were: More Entertainment; Zentertainment; and Riot House.

How about salaries? Global Poverty listed for salaries and compensation for $891,846 for 2013. That was an increase of about $500,000 from 2012.

How much went to actual poverty solving? Just over $500,000. A half million dollars. And those itemized expenses are vague notations to “increase awareness of global poverty” in Europe, East Asia, and and the Pacific. Money wasn’t spent on people who needed it. It was to tell people that poverty exists in those places.

The only specific donation listed by Global Poverty: they gave the Rotary Clubs of America based in Illinois $172,325 to “engage US Rotarians in focused grass roots polio advocacy.” Rotary International did spend $38 million last year around the world inoculating against polio. It’s unclear if Global Poverty’s donation went to medicine or just to advertising.

They also spent $328,334 advertising their “Live Below the Line” campaign, in which celebrities and others are touted for sleeping outside with the homeless.

Want to really stop global poverty? Donate money through micro financing via www.kiva.org, through the Red Cross, the United Way, or UNICEF.



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