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And so, it’s over. Madonna’s chart resurgence was short lived as “Rebel Heart” is now at number 105 on iTunes. The album had a big jump last week after Madonna’s great appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight” show. But there was no follow up, except for Madonna’s kiss thing with Drake. Shock doesn’t sell albums the way it used to, I guess. The single we thought might take off, “Bitch, I’m Madonna,” is also gone from the iTunes singles chart and isn’t being played on radio.

The good news, I guess, is that last week’s chart– which comes out today– has “Rebel Heart” up to number 32 on hitsdailydouble’s combined chart. “Rebel Heart” sold 16,108 copies altogether after the Fallon show, which is better than nothing but not enough to keep the Material Girl in quarter horses at the Southampton riding academy. She could still play horseshoes, however.

And so, on to the tour this fall. We’ll always have a special place in our ‘rebel hearts’ for Madge.

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