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Bob Saget should get a kick out of this. I was sent a casting call for Lifetime’s tell-all backstage movie about the TV show “Full House.” Saget’s character, Danny Tanner, is described as “a tall, Caucasian, sarcastic, quick witted, and lanky affable actor in his early 30s, with a prominent nose and a New York type personality.”

The last part is worded oh so carefully– “a prominent nose and New York type personality” is code for Jewish. With a capital J.

Lifetime has become a moat for really bad “told to” movies about celebrities and old TV shows. In the last year they tramped all over Whitney Houston and made a sleazy business out of “Saved by the Bell.” It’s unclear who watches this stuff– bored pets?– but maybe it the stuff sells overseas.

This episode is written by Ron McGee, who also authored “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Movie.” I doubt he wrote the description of Saget’s character, but someone associated with this did. The Olsen twins should be worried.

John Stamos’s Uncle Jessie is described as “Early-mid 20s, Caucasian, really good looking
dark, sexy male with a great head of hair…A little surprised to discover that some of his younger cast mates outshine him, he nonetheless relishes his status as one of Hollywood’s Most Eligible Bachelors. He even meets the woman of his dreams…” At least there’s no mention of Greek yogurt.

No word on who will play the Olsen twins, or any of the others including Dave Coulier.

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