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April Fool! On April 1st, it was “revealed” that Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig had made a secret movie for Lifetime called “A Deadly Adoption.” On April 2nd, the two said they had pulled movie because news of it had leaked on the internet.

And everyone, everyone, all the blogs and websites, just reported all this like it was true. And that Ferrell’s usual director, Adam McKay, was in charge.

Prior to April 1st, there was no evidence in the world that “A Deadly Adoption” existed. Both Ferrell and Wiig are in the middle of big movie careers. McKay has been tied up for months with “The Big Short” starring Brad Pitt and Christian Bale. It is HIGHLY unlikely that they got involved in a project for Lifetime, a cable network for women, just as a joke. Also, it’s not plausible that Lifetime would commission a satire of their bread and butter business. “A Deadly Adoption” was supposed to laugh at Lifetime movies of the week.

Now, even Entertainment Weekly is quoting people saying that Lifetime would let Ferrell pull the movie because “they don’t want to cross him.” Huh?

I hope we get to see this fictional movie one day. It’s supposedly produced by Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions. Even Gary Sanchez is a made up person, although McKay and Ferrell refer to him a “Paraguayan millionaire.” It’s some kind of in joke.

I guess it’s all funny to the extent that you can announce anything these days and the scads of Hollywood press people are so eager to help you out. If there’s no movie– I doubt there is– then kudos to Ferrell, Wiig, and McKay for putting one over on everyone.

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