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Cynthia Lennon has passed away at age 75 in Mallorca, Spain. She was John Lennon’s first wife, from the start of the Beatles through the 60s. She was also the beloved other of Julian Lennon, who adored her and vice versa. I met her several times over the years and she was just lovely. She worked hard to make sure Julian got what was his from John’s estate. She also managed to broker a peace and friendship with Yoko Ono over the years. Reports say she had a short battle with cancer. Tragically, Cynthia’s 4th husband Noel Charles passed away a couple of years ago from cancer.

Condolences to Julian and to all her friends including May Pang, John’s girlfriend in the mid 70s. The two women were great pals. May told me this morning: “Cynthia deserved everything. She was a good friend, the best anyone could ever have. She was very caring mother. I will always miss her. She was a no nonsense person. She was very gracious. She wasn’t bitter. She was very happy in making a new life. She was a big part of my life.”

Photo is copyright Bob Gruen, who’s the great expert Lennon-Ono photographer.

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