Home Television “American Idol” Ratings Collapse Without “Empire” As Bait– Significantly Off as Contest...

You’d think that as the contest narrows and the singers are zeroing in on the end,  “American Idol” would increase its ratings. It was doing a little better for a while.

But now, with “Empire” gone as its follow up, “Idol” is in trouble. Last night they scored a mere 8.34 million total viewers, and a 1.7 in the key demo.

Just two weeks ago, with “Empire” at its zenith, “Idol” had almost 10 million viewers and a 2.7 in the key demo.

Where did everyone go? It seems like the “Idol” viewers were just waiting around for “Empire” and now that it’s gone, so are they.

And it’s too bad because there are good contestants this season. But the party may be over.


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