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Madonna is having a good day/bad day. Live Nation just added second nights in Manhattan, Montreal, and Miami for her “Rebel Heart” tour. It’s an alliterative thing– Madonna, M, get it?

But the “Rebel Heart” album looks like it took a beating in its second week. The numbers aren’t all in, but it could be a 50% drop in sales. “Rebel Heart” was number 2 when it debuted, but will end up at 19 or 20, if the singer is lucky, by tomorrow morning. Madonna dropped from 2 to 7 on the official British charts this week.

Not all the people who bought concert tickets have redeemed their free digital download of “Rebel Heart.” If they did, the album sale would be counted. But some of the concertgoers don’t seem to want the album. Ouch!

More to come…keep refreshing…oh yeah: Kendrick Lamar is number 1, with the Empire soundtrack at number 2.

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