Home Movies Snow, Apathy May Cut into “Insurgent: Divergent” Box Office This Weekend

It’s snowing in the Northeast and it’s not pretty. That’s not good news for “Insurgent: Divergent,” part two of the YA series starring Shailene Woodley as Katniss, er, Tris, the kickass leader of a dystopian world. Anyway.

Last night, Thursday night previews of “Regurgent” were down 16% from the first installment’s Thursday previews. And the weather was good. So either tweens are going to need a lot of convincing, or “Insurgent” is going to be in trouble come Sunday.

The show is also a big problem. This audience does not drive to theaters. Their parents have to take them. And parents are not going out in this weather.

“Insurgent” also has bad reviews. It’s at 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. The negative comments won’t deter the true believers, but the middlings and the parents will vote to wait until the sun is shining.

Stay tuned…

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