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I did tell you first that Mariah Carey was returning to Sony and Epic records.

I told you next that she’d signed a deal with Epic, and would release an album of 18 number 1 hits to coincide with her Caesar’s Palace run that starts May 6th in Las Vegas.

Today someone suggested that Mariah was going to make a Christmas album for Epic. I can tell you that she is not. She is continuing with the Greatest Hits album. And I guess the only news is that the album will have a couple of new tracks, maybe as many as four. This is typical of greatest hits albums. And some of them have launched new classics. Think of “Ribbon in the Sky” and “Do I Do” on Stevie Wonder’s greatest hits many moons ago. It happens.

Do look for Mariah’s “All I Need for Christmas Is You” on the album. Maybe that’s what the fuss was about. That song is the best selling Christmas tune of all time. It must be included. I hope that the “new” songs are covers a la “I’ll Be There” or “Without You.” But we shall see, and soon. Carey’s been in Los Angeles working hard on the Vegas show and this album.

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  1. reselling what you can get in the thrift store for a quarter? why would anyone buy the same recordings from Epic that are in every flea market and thrift store bargain bin around the country? and please STOP suffocating Christmas-MeMe the annoying whale is the grossest greediest most self absorbed “sexy elf” on the planet-she is nauseating-Epic sure bit the big one on this flopping dead fish

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