Home Celebrity Sean Penn Tells Jimmy Kimmel He and Charlize Theron Watch “The Bachelor”

Sean Penn did an excellent interview last night with Jimmy Kimmel. It may have been scripted, but he did tell Kimmel that he and Charlize Theron, improbably, watch “The Bachelor.” It made for a humorous conversation if nothing else. Penn was very engaging as he promoted “The Gunman,” which so far no reviewer likes. The thriller, coming next Friday, has a zero rating (8 negative reviews) on Rotten Tomatoes. No discussion of Haiti this time. And a veiled reference to Penn and Madonna once going to see a Pee Wee Herman movie with Mike Tyson and Robin Givens back in the good old days. The men dozed, he said, and the women accused them of liking the leading lady too much. (Either Penelope Ann Miller or Valerie Golina.) President Obama preceded Penn on the show, and was very winning.

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