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Robin Thicke blurred more lines with Marvin Gaye than those in this current lawsuit.

I’ve told you that Thicke used Gaye’s “Trouble Man” for his own song “Million Dolla Baby” in 2009. That song was credited on Thicke’s album and everywhere else to Robin Thicke and Andre Harrell. Gaye’s name was later added to the Wikipedia entry. But the song is 100% “Trouble Man.” A cursory listen by a deaf person would cinch it.

Now a check of ASCAP’s data base reveals that Thicke and Harrell’s names are off the credits. “Million Dolla Baby” has only Marvin Gaye listed as its author. The song’s numerical code is much higher than most of Gaye’s catalog, including “Trouble Man.” This means it was entered more recently.

No one mentioned any of this at the trial. But it makes sense. It also shows why the Gaye family is so emotional on this topic. They’ve really been victimized.

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