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What do I do with this story? Paul McCartney, our beloved Beatle, has made a terrible choice. He’s appearing on a new single in which Kanye West says the “N” word 45 times. The record is called “All Day” and McCartney appears out of nowhere, for no reason, whistling and then playing a snippet of another song. Then “All Day” returns to its to its main theme of repeating the “N Word.”

Why is McCartney involved in this? First he was somehow involved in Kanye’s odd auto tuned ballad called “Only One.” Then he played guitar but didn’t sing on the Kanye-Rihanna single “FourFiveSeconds,” a catchy ditty he obviously wrote since West is not capable of authoring a melody. Now this episode, and it’s unfortunate. A Beatle and the “N” have no business being together anywhere. McCartney is usually smarter than this; he’s undermining a brand he’s worked on for almost 60 years.

McCartney doesn’t need the money. He doesn’t need to be “hip.” I’m very disappointed. Very bad choice.
PS It occurred to me after I posted that McCartney may think this is ok because John Lennon once sang “Woman is the “N” of the World.” It’s not.

WARNING turn the sound down in a public place:

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