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UPDATE Hits Daily Double explains:

“Taylor Swift is streaming  due to the higher number on our Sales Plus Streaming chart. The difference between Taylor’s album sales number (55.6k) and her SPS number (82.8k) is attributable not to streams, on our chart, but to single sales (TEA, or track-equivalent albums). As you’re no doubt aware, “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off” continue to sell like hotcakes at iTunes and elsewhere, while other tracks, including “Style,” are taking off.”


Remember last November when Taylor Swift dumped Spotify? After a month on the service with her “1989” album, Swift (via managers and her record label) pulled her music and struck a chord for artists.

Well, not so fast.

It turns out that “1989” has been streaming along on a lot of other services right along since then. Last week, “1989” sold a total 82,888 copies. But that broke down to 55,618 digital and physical copies, and 27,270 streamed copies according to hitsdailydouble’s calculations. That’s not all. Swift has paid streams of “1989” of between 20K and 25K for the last few weeks. Every week, her streamed copies are a big chunk of her totals.

Can she shake it off? Doubtful. Taylor surprised everyone a couple of weeks ago when she attended the Warner Music party at the Chateau Marmont. Warner is not her label, for one thing. And the party was sponsored by Spotify. All guests received Spotify gift cards for a year’s free service!


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