Home Celebrity “Birdman” Wins Spirit Awards, Which Are Now a Rehearsal for the Oscars

There used to be a time when the Spirit Awards would be different and more daring than the Oscars. Now they are a rehearsal for it. Everyone who won today will win something tomorrow night. The only difference will be a lot of songs to distract us. Richard Linklater didn’t show up today, and he won Best Director for “Boyhood.” No one seemed to know what was up with that, but I’m told there’s bad blood between Linklater and Film Independent for some reason. Ethan Hawke accepted for him, saying “I’m not Richard Linklater. I just play him in the movies.”

After the show, I ran into Jessica Chastain, who herself had just  met the real life people from the movie “Virunga.” She was overwhelmed, took pictures with  them, offered all her help. She said, “What these men did for the gorillas is so extraordinary, and we’re just here at an awards show.” She’d also just arrived from Budapest and was very jet lagged.

Fred Armisen and Kristen Bell were very good hosts. Armisen is musical, funny, creative, witty. I loved their little film satirizing “Birdman.”


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