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EXCLUSIVE Sirius XM has lost its motion for reconsideration in the case brought against them by the Turtles over pre-1972 recordings. The satellite radio company and the Turtles, et al– meaning all artists with records played on Sirius made before February 1972–will only be “happy together” if Sirius pays them. This is a huge decision by the Central District Court of California for all digital entities who’ve used the classic rock and roll library as a free resource.

The Court had already decided against Sirius in favor of the Turtles. Sirius was asking the court reverse its original order. And that was denied.

What’s happening is a watershed for pop artists on digital platforms. All the records fans love by artists like the Beatles, Stones, Aretha, Motown, Atlantic etc — none of them were getting royalties for hits played over and over on Sirius but made before 1972. keep refreshing…

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