Home Television “Downton” Death Watch for Isis the Dog Accidentally Timed to Obama Declaration

SPOILERS Just as President Obama is asking Congress for permission to declare war on ISIS, another Isis is about to buy the farm. The charming golden Labrador retriever that appears beside Lord Grantham in the opening shot of “Downton Abbey” does seem to be preparing to meet her maker. Poor Isis. Robert is so clueless that Isis is not being rushed straight to a veterinarian.

Shades of Sybil and her death in childbirth because the Crawleys are so removed from reality. Isis is lying on the floor in the main parlor, listless, and someone suggests she might be pregnant. Even Robert is smart enough to know this isn’t possible. Isis is about to join Sybil and Matthew in Julian Fellows’ heaven, perhaps this evening between 9 and 10pm.

SPOILER It will be revealed that Isis indeed has cancer. Eventually Robert takes her to the vet but they decide against treatment. Isis will expire in the main bed chambers.

And Isis, the terrorist group? If only Fellows could dispatch of them so easily. But I do say, having just caught up with last week’s episode on the PBS app, “Downton” is the best written show (besides acting, directing, cinematography, production) anywhere. Laura Carmichael doesn’t get as much press as Michelle Dockery. But Lady Edith’s grief and her story arc about the baby are extraordinary. Joanne Froggatt just won a Golden Globe, I think for her work last week when she realizes Bates is innocent. And I really love Mr. Moseley– Kevin Doyle. On to tonight and putting on– or down– the dog.


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