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Paul McCartney will play a secret show tonight at the very small Irving Plaza. Tickets are $40 and you have to line up a the box office on Irving Plaza and East 15th St. to get ’em. McCartney loves secret shows. This one was announced on Jimmy Fallon last night. But in past he’s played shows at the Highline Ballroom, and in 1989 at a Broadway theater. When he and his late wife Linda started Wings in 1971, they jumped in a van and played shows all over England with no warning. This is the rocker in Paul’s heart, the kid who still thinks he’s at the Cavern club. God bless him, he’s almost 73 years young, and Macca never stops rocking. It’s going to be the coldest night of the century, and no one will care. Scalpers should be out in force!

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