Home Movies “Fifty Shades” Opens to $30 Mil Friday Night Despite 121+ Negative Reviews

“Fifty Shades of Grey” made a little over $30 million last night in the US, and is said to be doing very well in foreign countries. The hype is real despite at least over 121 negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes alone. The movie has a 27% rating there, although many of the “positive” reviews are actually quite negative. They just weren’t assigned the “splat” of a rotten tomato. I don’t know how that works.

Some boxnosticators are predicting $80-$90 million for the weekend. The real test will be next week, when the bloom is off the rose and the fans don’t feel whipped into a frenzy or handcuffed to prior feelings. “Fifty Shades” could be left hanging. But the idea of these movies– if you can call this a movie– is that it’s a serial, like “Twilight” or “The Hunger Games.” The big money comes in the first weekend. Everything else is gravy.

Still so many questions — who dusts the red torture room or vacuums it? How does it stay clean? Does Christian Grey have a housekeeper? Or is he a clean freak? And who does his laundry? Who hangs the shirts an inch apart in the closet? Does he eat? Are there crumbs? And what do those secretaries do? And what do they know? And, as I mentioned before, who types that contract and who signs off on it?

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