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UPDATE No mention of Rosie’s situation during the whole hour of “The View.” The show ended with a plug for a Disney movie.

EARLIER Rosie O’Donnell and crew just walked onto the set of the View live, to a standing ovation and a thunderous crowd.

Rosie first talked about making documentaries, and showing hers at the Athena Festival over the weekend. Her doc appears on HBO this weekend. Rosie has become an advocate for women’s heart health and talks about it in the special– amid jokes.

The ladies stalled talking about Rosie’s news over the weekend that she’s leaving The View, and that she’s split from her wife Michelle Rounds. Instead, they chatted about Brian Williams’s scandal at NBC. I liked that Rosie reminded everyone that “the news is owned by five corporations.” She also advocated net neutrality.

Commercial break– and no mention of Rosie’s news. In fact no mention of the exits in the first 23 minutes…Keep refreshing…

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  1. Rosie rosie what bull she dosent like to be second banana to Whoopee! were not stupid i have two relatives with heart problems still working Rosie your a bully!get some more mental help!go back and whatch some of the view shows and see how you act!so sad

  2. good riddance.

    And she’s claiming it’s HER that didn’t want to discuss it.

    She’s leaving, why play games with an audience and not let them mention it.

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