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The Wilbur Theater in Boston canceled Bill Cosby’s two shows scheduled for today. The cancellations came after protests by women’s groups. The shows had been mostly sold out, but the theater is offering refunds to anyone who was foolish enough to buy a ticket. Many shows on Cosby’s tour have been cancelled, or theaters have offered refunds in advance of the shows. Cosby’s next dates are in Bakersfield, CA; Pittsburgh PA; and Charlotte NC. It’s doubtful they will go forward, but they’re still listed as active. Why Cosby continues to put himself through this is a mystery.

Yesterday Cosby issued a warning to his fans that he was far from finished:

“Dear Fans: GOD has Blessed me with a wonderful gift to share with all of you,” Cosby said in a statement released to the Herald. “For 53 years I have continued to master this gift, which heals the soul and warms hearts. Laughter! I thank you, the theatre staff (Wilbur Theatre), the event organizers and the Boston Community for your continued support and coming to experience family, fun entertainment. Hey, Hey, Hey — I’m Far From Finished.”

But the Wilbur no doubt didn’t want the planned protests that were forming for today’s show. Neither will other theaters.

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