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“Boyhood” beats “Birdman.” I do think that’s the Oscar for Best Picture. Eddie Redmayne seems to have knocked out Michael Keaton, destabilizing “Birdman.” “Boyhood” has the edge with Arquette and Linklater. Innaritu’s DGA win I think ends there. “Birdman” flew very high for a small art house picture. The themes in “Boyhood” are more universal. I still feel “Selma” was the Best Picture.

keep refreshing...The British Academy Awards– BAFTA– are being given out in London.

Best Picture– Boyhood

Best Actress– Julianne Moore

Patricia Arquette and JK Simmons have won Best Supporting Actor prizes for “Boyhood” and “Whiplash” respectively.

Best Actor– Eddie Redmayne, “Theory of Everything”
Best Director– Richard Linklater, “Boyhood”

“Birdman” won Best Cinematography, but “The Grand Budapest Hotel” has swept through many awards including Costume Design, Editing, Original Screenplay, Production Design and Score.

“The LEGO Movie” won Best Animated Feature.

Best Foreign Film– Ida

Adapted Screenplay– Theory of Everything

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