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Crazy Roger Waters of Pink Floyd tried unsuccessfully to get international rock star Alan Parsons to boycott Israel. Waters belongs to BDS (I say it stands for Big Dumb you know whats) who think that getting artists to refuse to play in Israel will end the Middle East conflicts. Waters posted a letter to Facebook that he sent Parsons, lumping in Elvis Costello and Stephen Hawking as fellow boycotters. (I’ll bet if Hollywood knew Hawking was boycotting Israel, “The Theory of Everything” would be getting zero Oscar votes.)

Waters still doesn’t realize that his boycott of Israel only furthers anti-Semitism whether or not he himself is anti-Semitic.

As for me, I now urge everyone to buy or download music by the Alan Parsons project. Apparently Parsons sent Waters a scathing letter back, but asked him not to publish it. Parsons is going to play in Israel as planned. Waters thought that he could convince Parsons because back in the day Parsons was an engineer at EMI when Pink Floyd was recording there.

You do know that David Gilmour of the real Pink Floyd has nothing to do with Waters these days.

Before he started his own group, Parsons was the famed engineer on albums such as “Abbey Road” and “Dark Side of the Moon.” He launched the Alan Parsons Project in 1975 and has had 7 top 40 albums.

Waters spends his time on this foolish endeavor rather than work against Boko Harum, ISIS, or many other actual terrorist groups.



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  1. Roger Waters sense of morality is upside down. Before telling the world of musicians what to think regarding geopolitical realities, he should clean up his own moral deficiencies. He has been lying about lyrics he plagarized while writing “The Wall” over thirty seven years ago. More than half the verse on “Young Lust” and “Comfortably Numb” was copied from someone else’s unpublished writing. His moral fatwas should be footnoted with a mea culpa.

  2. Roger Waters has vaulted himself to the pinnacle of moral hypocrisy. He has issue a fatwa to all musicians to avoid Israel until it complies with his view of geopolitical morality. The Palestinians are a downtrodden and isolated people who need a great deal of economic aid. However they did elect Hamas to lead them and guide them to a greater future. They bet on the wrong horse. Hamas will never win the race to peace and prosperity. Roger Waters is the last person to be pontificating upon the morality of geopolitics. His indignation should be placed much closer to home.
    He has made hundreds of millions of dollars while touring “The Wall”. He has yet to issue a mea culpa for his plagarism while writing the lyrics for this album. He copied someone else’s unpublished verse especially on the songs titled “Young Lust” and “Comfortably Numb” and he has been lying about it for thirty-eight years. The glass house he lives in can still be shattered by the truth.

  3. Gilmour stands with Roger on this, and is actually a meaner prick than Roger!
    Hung out with PF all day long time ago…Rick & Nick were great!!!
    Alan is a great engineer, a hero to other engineers like me, and a great guy!!!

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