Home Television Jimmy Fallon’s Big Night: Brings Back Doc Severinsen, Duets with Neil Young

What a great night on the Tonight show last night from Los Angeles. Jimmy, torch bearer of the show’s history, welcomed trumpeter Doc Severinsen who led the Tonight show band from 1962 to 1992. And Doc, who’s 87 years young, played like it was yesterday. He was also resplendentin one of his famous floral sportcoats. Doc’s on tour! Good for him. He led the Roots through the real Tonight show theme song, written by Paul Anka. What a swell surprise.

Then watch Jimmy with Neil Young as Neil Young singing “Old Man.” Genius! Fallon’s 1st anniversary is upon us and there’s reason to celebrate. He and Seth Meyers have really catalyzed late night. I’m looking forward to James Corden’s arrival on CBS soon, too.

Doc Severinsen at the 8 minute mark

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