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UPDATE SUN 5:55PM: TMZ and other outlets report that Bobbi Kristina has been placed in an induced coma by doctors. Keep refreshing…

EARLIER: I used to write a lot about Whitney Houston, whom I knew quite well. I never write about her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who is not a celebrity and in deep emotional distress. Her family has been constantly worried about her since Whitney’s death three years ago and Bobbi’s marriage to Nick Gordon, a young man Whitney had taken into their home.

Now come reports that Krissie was found unresponsive in a bathtub in her Atlanta home. Reports say she was revived and taken to the hospital. Her mother died of a heart attack and drugs in a bathtub in February 2012 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The parallels can be drawn.

I follow Bobbi Kristina on Twitter. Most of her Tweets are about how much she’s in love with Gordon, and how people are criticizing them. They are largely illiterate and full of emoticons.

Gordon himself has not Tweeted since Christmas Day. Krissie has been Tweeting regularly, but there have been signs of distress.

Under a tweet on Janaury 14th she pasted in a quote from a website: “You know what I absolutely fucking hate? When people choose a person over you and then then when they have no one else they come running back to you.”

In the last few days, Krissie posted pictures of actor Jake Gyllenhaal. One of them was of the actor in a romantic clinch with some young woman, maybe a pr still from a movie. Bobbi wrote: “This would be perfect right now” and directed the Tweet to Gordon’s account.

Her Tweets are often fueled by anger, and are largely unintelligible. What does come through is some desire, perhaps not based in reality, that she could have a music career like her mother’s. She writes a lot about being in the studio, or starting a career, but there’s never been a sign that she had those talents. How frustrating that must be for a young woman with no mother, a sketchy father, and little education.

Hopefully, if it’s not too late, her uncles and aunts can step in– Pat and Gary Houston, Michael and Donna– and get Bobbi Kristina some much needed help.

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