Home Movies Oscar Move: Fox Searchlight Puts “Birdman” Into the Ziegfeld for Two Weeks

Fox Searchlight is putting “Birdman” into the Ziegfeld for two weeks starting today. What better way to say We have the Best Picture? They’re going to show it in the world’s most famous movie theater. That is a great idea. And a great Oscar move– especially if they send Academy members in there for free. Imagine seeing Michael Keaton fly around on that huge screen! Is “Birdman” the Best Picture of the Year? Well, SAG and the Golden Globes have given it a good push. Better than “Boyhood,” “Imitation Game,” “Whiplash” or “Foxcatcher”? Who’s to say? I still think “Boyhood” is a masterpiece. But all the nominees are terrific.

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