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“American Sniper” is the biggest movie of Clint Eastwood’s long and storied career. The Bradley Cooper starrer hits $200 million today, far surpassing “Gran Torino” ($148 million). The movie based on the memoir of the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle shows no signs of slowing down, either.

“Sniper” added $64 million in its second week of wide release. This is great news. I loved this movie, Eastwood and Cooper did a super job. “Sniper” has nothing to do with blue-red states, liberal or conservative. Eastwood is showing the effects of war. Kyle was no coward. He was a hero, and such a decent guy. He fought for his country. When his family beckoned him home, he returned and was a mentor. His death was a tragedy. Eastwood et al hit all those notes. Bravo.

The second biggest movie of the week is “Paddington,” an incredibly charming family film that was already a hit around the world. Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Ben Whishaw and Nicole Kidman all star. “Paddington” marks a huge success for The Weinstein Company, and a real score for them in a new direction. (No Tarantino type humor here.)

Elsewhere, Jennifer Lopez scored $15 million for a piece of junk called “The Boy Next Door.” I doubt this movie will have legs, and they won’t be nearly as nice as JLO’s.

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