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updated Friday 11:15am
“Mortdecai” has 38 negative reviews, and 3 positive, on Rotten Tomatoes. Meanwhile both “Strange Magic” and “The Boy Next Door” are hovering around an astoundingly low 13%. This may be the worst weekend ever for new movies. Go see the 8 Oscar nominated films. Or go see Al Pacino in “The Humbling,” a great movie that was killed by its distributor.

updated Thursday night
“Mortdecai” is at 5% now on Rotten Tomatoes. Lions Gate should claim North Korea really hates it, and put this latest Johnny Depp flop on VOD right now. What has happened to Johnny Depp? “The Lone Ranger” was a spectacular failure. “Transcendence”,” released since The Long Ranger, made only $23 million. “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie was so bad no on speaks of it without laughing.

Other than the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, Johnny has been out of his depp. “Mortdecai” will face a brutal Friday. All they can do is hope for a blizzard on Saturday and blame the weather. But is Depp really a movie star? Without “Pirates” what would his career be?

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez’s “Boy Next Door” isn’t doing much better at 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. This calamity may have one more week than “Morty.”

And Disney’s “Strange Magic” has terrible reviews. But kids and families could keep it afloat over the weekend.

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