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Candice Bergen stole the show Tuesday night at the Julianne Moore tribute for the Museum of the Moving Image in Manhattan. (The museum’s in Queens, the tribute was in Manhattan.) Bergen, a guest, was persuaded to introduce a clip and say a few words about Moore after she arrived at the dining hall.

In fine sarcastic Murphy Brown form, she took the stage and said she’d met Moore maybe three times, knew nothing about “Still Alice,” but admired Moore for the way she lived her life and raised her family. She added of the movie for which Moore is nominated for an Oscar “I haven’t seen Still Alice because at 68 years old it’s just too close.”

The other presenters did know Julianne Moore quite well, from husband Bart Freundlich to Steve Buscemi, Rebecca Miller, Chloe Grace Moretz, Ethan Hawke, Billy Crudup, Sarah Paulson, Ellen Barkin, Mark Ruffalo (on video), Sony Pictures Classics chief Michael Barker (now chairman of the Museum) and outgoing long time Museum chief Herb Schlosser. Moore gave a beautiful speech (more in the AM) in which she thanked the museum for staging her memorial service. “You’ve saved my family a lot of money,” she joked.

Moore also wore a beautiful sparkling Chanel dress, the height of elegance. She’s getting the Oscar, everyone’s thrilled, and it’s about time.

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