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Madonna has released the track listing for “Rebel Heart.” The album is a long one– 19 tracks, most of which were leaked, and then put on line by her. Missing is “(Addicted to ) The One That Got Away,” a song I thought would be a hit single. Many of these titles are already known, but with videos, and proper mixes, and the whole Madonna package, even the known songs will sound good.  How will Interscope and Madonna price a 19 track album? That should be interesting because “MDNA” was deep discounted and in some cases given away.

01. Living For Love
02. Devil Pray
03. Ghosttown
04. Unapologetic Bitch
05. Illuminati
06. Bitch I’m Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj)
07. Hold Tight
08. Joan of Arc
09. Iconic (feat. Chance The Rapper & Mike Tyson)
10. HeartBreakCity
11. Body Shop
12. Holy Water
13. Inside Out
14. Wash All Over Me
15. Best Night
16. Veni Vedi Vici (feat. Nas)
17. S.E.X.
18. Messiah
19. Rebel Heart

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