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The Oscar nominations were cruel this morning. Snubbed: Into the Woods, Unbroken, Clint Eastwood as director of Best Picture nominee American Sniper. The LEGO Movie was ignored. Almost all of “Selma” was tossed out, except for a Best Picture nod that’s meaningless now. Foxcatcher would have had that spot. The Bennett Miller film got everything but Best Picture.

It’s an all white Oscars. No David Oyelowo or Carmen Ejogo. No Ava Duvernay. People will talk about whether this is racism. Or if it’s because Paramount didn’t send out screeners. But how can that be? Everyone knew the movie existed, and should have gotten to the many screenings. A big campaign was conducted against “Selma,” and it worked.

Also out: Jennifer Aniston in “Cake” and Amy Adams in “Big Eyes.”

In: Robert Duvall’s good performance in a bad movie, “The Judge.”

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