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That was fast, wasn’t it? “The Interview” was released to theatres on December 25th. Now it will be out on BluRay February 17th– with 14 more scenes designed to create more faux headlines and provoke North Korea to do — nothing.

“The Interview” made just under $6 million at the box office, and is now just about expired. It’s all over digital platforms so everyone who wants it, has it. Sony says it made about $31 million. But the film had at least a $42 million nut to crack, so who knows how they’ll wind up. Blu Ray is the only way the movie hasn’t been released. Maybe some one wants to own it in very vivid resolution.

And where are the Guardians of Peace? And where is all the outrage? From the minute the movie opened, there wasn’t a peep. No “11th of September” trouble. So much hysteria, for nothing. If this was a pr stunt, it was one of the most brilliantly conceived. Ever.

Next up, should be so-called outrage over “Fifty Shades of Grey.” I can’t wait!

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