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Bill Cosby’s 22 date tour is tanking. The latest venues to cancel his shows are the Foxwoods casino in northern Connecticut and Silver Legacy in Reno, Nevada. Also cancelled is Worcester, Massachusetts and a gig in South Carolina. Pine Belt Arena in Toms River, New Jersey is also out.

Some theatres are offering refunds, just as the Tarrytown Music Hall did in December. Cosby has two shows booked at the Wilbur Theater in Boston, but I doubt they will stand as is.

Cosby hasn’t done himself any favors. At a gig in Canada he made a joke about his situation — allegations by about 3o or so women that he drugged, raped, or groped them. He has yet to offer a substantial defense or rebuke to the allegations. Especially damning is Cosby’s lack of response to educational institutions cutting ties to him. He reveled in those associations.

There have been few defenses of Cosby by friends, with the notable exception of his co-star of 12 years, Phylicia Rashad.

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